Microservices Architecture

What You Will Learn

  • In enterprise environments, the architectural style of microservices is gaining momentum. In this course, you will learn why microservices are well-suited to modern cloud environments which require short development and delivery cycles. You will learn the characteristics of microservices.
  • You will compare the microservice architecture with monolithic style, emphasizing why microservices are well suited to continuous delivery. While microservices are more modular to develop and may look simpler, you will discovery that the complexity does not go away, it shifts. An inevitable organizational complexity comes along with many small interacting pieces. Managing, monitoring, logging, and updating microservices creates a greater operational complexity.
  • In this course you learn about the tools necessary to successfully deploy, manage and monitor microservice based applications. After taking this course, you will have a much better understanding of why microservices are so well suited to cloud environments, the DevOps environments in which microservices run and the tools to manage the complexity that microservices bring to the operational and production environment.

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6-8 Weeks


6-8 Hrs/Week








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