Basic Java

This is an introductory course to learn programming with Java designed to teach how to code good programs in Java, understanding “good” as both correct and efficient. Basic principles of software engineering will be introduced to make it easier for our future self and others to reuse code. Examples and case studies will be provided, so that learners can implement simple but increasingly complex programs in Java.

Get plenty of hands-on Java coding experience with methods, logic, loops, variables, parameters, returns, and recursion. And write your code using industry-standard tools and practices to help you build strong habits as you grow your development skill set.

What you’ll learn

    • Detect and correct common programming errors at compile time


    • Detect and correct common programming errors at run time using debugging tools


    • Check that the program does what it has to using unit testing processes


    • Compare the efficiency of two programs in terms of the resources used


    • Model simple programs using basic software engineering techniques



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3-4 weeks

6 to 8 Hrs

Rs. 10000