Harness the transformative potential of cloud

Cloud computing has become a key driver of modern business transformation. Whether you're new to cloud or have already invested in the technology, the success of your business very well depend on your ability to optimize cloud capabilities over time.That's because cloud is more than a technology. It's an enablement tool for transformation. A new way of thinking, planning and executing. An investment in agility and innovation across people, processes and technology. A foundation on which to future-proof your business from the unexpected.

Our difference

We know where cloud came from. We know where it's going. ZAGA cloud consultant who combines analysis, modeling and strategy development of a traditional consulting firm with the proven ability to deploy, integrate and operate complex application modernization solutions at scale.

Who We Are

ZAGA Open Source Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd) is a technology solutions provider founded by IT Industry exposed Technologists. We provide application modernization solutions for our clients and also offer training for students and working professionals to update their knowledge in IT field.


Build new cloud native apps, modernize existing apps, and operate infrastructure that serves them all across any cloud. Deliver end-to-end automation and orchestrate across all of your systems to deliver connected customer experiences, faster.